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Albert Llanas

Albert Llanas is one of the most significant composers of the new Catalan music. Amongst his first works feature BXR1 (1984), MUSICIAN’S ACCORD AWARD, which granted him the debut of this piece in Carnegie Recital Hall in New York in the spring of 1985, Impressions per a veu i quartet de cordes (1984) and BXR6 (1986) were both selected and debuted in the Tribunas de Jóvenes Compositores of the Juan March Foundation and Seqüències per a orquestra (1985), his first piece for an orchestra which obtained an honorific mention in the EUROPEAN YOUTH COMPETITION 1985 held in Holland, and the PREMIO CIUDAD DE BARCELONA 1987, later being debuted in Poland and recorded into a CD. Afterwards other interesting orchestral works followed: Filosonia dedicated to the philosopher Juan David García Bacca, De Materia, Contexto I for wind quintet and orchestra, Derivations… With his Concierto para Flauta y Conjunto Instrumental he starts a series of concerts with a soloist which are followed by Concert per a Guitarra i Cordes and by Concierto para clarinete y orquesta all of them turned into CD form. Some titles of his extensive chamber music collection: Necesidad y Azar, the cycles BXR and Contexto, Quintet, Spazio-Tempo, Polifonía de cámara para quince instrumentos de cuerda, Tyché,  etc… the vast majority of them also available on CD. Amongst the numerous awards received throughout his career we highlight the PREMIO CIUDAD DE BARCELONA 1987, the PREMIO CIUTAT D’ALCOI 1989 for chamber music and the PREMIO REINA SOFIA DE COMPOSICIÓN MUSICAL 1996. His interest for electroacoustic music brings him to work in Phonos under the supervision of Andrés Lewin-Ritcher since the beginning of his career. 

Between 1997-2007  it is worth mentioning his work in the theatrical framework with titles like Dedins, defora (Dentro, fuera) a monologue from Lluïsa Cunillé accompanied by music (Barcelona Grec-1997 Summer Festival), La Cita (coproduction Grec-99, Edinburgh Festival). Más extraño que el paraíso from Xavier Albertí (Grec-2001), Troilus y Crésida, (Festival de verano de Barcelona – Grec 2002), Sangre Lunar from Sanchís Sinisterra (Teatro María Guerrero, Madrid 2006), Te diré siempre la verdad (Lluís Omar, Xavier Albertí, Lluïsa Cunillé 2002-2003),Lluvia en el Raval from Pau Miró (Festival de Otoño de la Comunidad de Madrid 2006), La caiguda d’Amlet from Jordi Oriol (Festival Temporada Alta 2007), etc…  While weiting all these works, he developed an intense teaching and lecturing activity. He is a member of the Asociación Catalana de Compositores (Catalan Composers Association) and of Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España (Spain’s Electroacoustic Music Association) since their formations. He currently holds the vice-presidency of the Phonos Foundation.

Simultaneously, he was involved in an intense educational activity and as a lecturer as well. He has taught at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona, being his director between 2008 and 2019. He has conducted seminaries, workshops and lectures all over the country and abroad: in Barcelona, Terrasa, Girona, Lleida, Vilaseca, Sabadell, A Coruña, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Madrid, Alicante, Palermo, Milan, Paris, Rome, Geneva, Toulouse and Andorra. He was president of the jury at “Certamen Internacional de Guitarra de Barcelona 2008” and member of the jury in several national and international competitions .

Publishing houses: EMEC, CATALANA D’EDICIONS MUSICALS, CLIVIS/ACC, LA MÀ DE GUIDO, DINSIC and the Fundación Juan March.


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