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5 Studies for guitar ENG OK

After the successful premiere of the Concerto for guitar and strings by Carles Trepat and Soloists of Zagreb in 1988 (work presented later in Madrid and Paris), and its appearance in CD, I thought of writing some studies devoted to Carles Trepat’s virtuosity. The result was these 5 studies, which obtained the First Prize in the I COMPOSITION CONTEST FOR GUITAR ANDRES SEGOVIA after their premiere in Madrid by Ignacio Rodes on April 29, 1991.

The work had to be edited by EMEC – in accordance with the rules of the competition – but since they showed no interest in doing so, I finally had them edited some years later by LA MÀ DE GUIDO, thanks to the invaluable assistance of F. Javier Martinez Luque in the review and fingering-picking. The first study, Arpegios, presents one of the technical difficulties of the guitar-fingered arpeggios. The second, Zone, contrasts two distinct timbral regions. Linear uses a very fast flow of sounds in the low register with a certain proximity and the plucking of the flamenco guitar. The fourth, Resonances, plays with this acoustic element seeking plasticity by overlapping and using a diversity of timbres. The piece concludes with Attacks where time is cut, with more or less violence, through different forms of sound production.

The score is edited by LA MÀ DE GUIDO (ISMN: M-69208-127-2)

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