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anthropos captiu

Work for chamber orchestra with a futuristic premise and a visual montage, commissioned by the Jove Orquestra de Figueres. It was written for orchestra and magnetic tape and proposes a series of reflections on the relationships of individuals with technology within a fully mechanized society (Technopolis. Mechanical men) and engulfed in a constant flow of media messages (Extraversion).

In a space of his own creation, the individual is subjected to a series of transformations of more or less foreseeable consequences (Mediation: mutation) but nevertheless, open to the possibility of some type of internalization process (Psyche. Introspection) that could lead him to a new model of existence (Vibration. Fullness)…

The composition premiered at the Teatre Jardí in Figueres on May 11th, 1997 under the musical direction of Càndid Rodriguez and with visual montage by Albert Bosch.

Listen to a snippet of Technopolis:

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