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Brief Biography

Albert Llanas

Albert Llanas is one of the most significant composers of his generation in Spain. His creative activity has been widely recognized both in Spain and abroad through a wide variety of awards and awards, including MUSICIAN’S ACCORD (NY, 1985) EUROPEAN YOUTH COMPETITION (Holanda-1985), REINA SOFIA (Madrid-1996), among many others. Among the more recent are the INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION PRIZE – Wiener Musica Academia (2020) and the 1st prize al WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN COMPOSITION (Franz Schubert Konservatorium- Wien). He has received commissions from the OCNE, INAEM, CDMC, etc… and his music has been performed all over the world by internationally renowned performers: RAI Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Zagreb Soloists, Jane’s Minstrels’, Carles Trepat, Aquarius chamber music group … His production covers from the symphonic and chamber field to theatre and electroacoustic music. He has been professor of the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona and its director since July of 2008 to February of 2019.

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