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BXR1 is the first composition of a cycle of pieces created with a common musical intention: the unity of elements of musical discourse. This interest in finding new ways of dealing with the sound parameters of timbre, dynamics, texture, etc., within a common axiomatic unit is one of the objectives that have most motivated my relationship with the act of musical creation. In BXR1, the timbre is the motivating element of the entire composition, being explored in sequences of predetermined duration in the manner of small time spaces that make up the formal structure of the piece. The composition therefore eliminates the pulsation and conventional metric that is replaced by a minute notation of each of the time sequences. The particular selection of the instruments: flute, vibraphone and celesta help this symbolic complicity. In this sense, the recreation of three axioms is pursued; space, time and timbre.

The composition was selected for release at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York city in March 1985.

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