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BXR2 is the second piece of a series of compositions entitled generically as BXR written as a study for different organic instrumentals. In each of these studies, a new element is incorporated, new at the time in the author’s language, pursuing the maximum unity and consistency of language. In BXR2 it is the psychological game of the form, which acts as the catalyst for the stresses and strains of the work. The four graphic sections that comprise it are bounded to detail while his organization is left at will of the interpreter, who will decide the order of each interpretation. Just as there are multiple imaginable realities, the form of the work is determined in real time and for each interpretation only one perceptible reality exists. It is, therefore, an open work that brings together three parameters of speculation: timbre, time and space. The composition is dedicated to the guitarist Jaume Olivé.

Here you can listen to the latest interpretation of the composition by Joan Carles Martínez:

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