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BXR5 is a small concerto for clarinet and instrumental ensemble. It premiered with the Barcelona 216 ensemble conducted by Ernest Martinez Izquierdo in the “II Mostra de Música Catalana Contemporània” of 1985, turning to play twice more before being presented in Madrid by the Group Cosmos with Carlos Galan as the conductor. The work is part of a cycle that began in 1984 with BXR1 for flute, celesta and vibraphone, and then it has been completed with several pieces written for different instruments. The last piece of the cycle is BXR6 for woodwind quintet, which was selected in the “VI Tribuna de jóvenes compositores de la Fundación Juan March”. In all the pieces of that collection, Llanas proposes somewhat novel approaches in his production, either by their formal, musical gesture or timbre aspects. 

BXR5 offers a new kind of variations in which, after the theme raised by the clarinet, which has an interval feature – Josep Soler’s and Franco Donatoni’s influence is clear here – there are three very different variations of timbre and characteristics of figuration but linked by a common axiomatic element. Serial, random graphs and even formal elements merge in a score that may well serve as a summary of many of the problems that preoccupied the composers of that period.

(text by Carlos Galán)

Here you can hear an excerpt of the composition:

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