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This woodwind quintet belongs to a collection of works that started in 1984 which to date, include six compositions designed for different instruments, plus a final orchestral piece which closes the series. All of them share the same intention and respond to the performance of several studies in composition using – at the time – new approaches in the language of the author.

The goal seeked in BXR6, as in other pieces of the series, is achieving the maximum unity of language. However, just as in BXR1 the timbral and spatial factors are predominant, in BXR2 it’s the formal aspect, and in BXR4 it’s sound gestures, in this work a kind of synthesis of the most suggestive problems worked throughout the collection is presented.

BXR6 was written during the months of August-September 1986 and its first performance took place in Madrid after being selected in The “VI Tribuna de Jóvenes compositores de la Fundación Juan March”. In 1988, BXR6 was selected by the ISCM to represent Spain in The World Music Days-1988 held in Hong Kong.

BXR6 lasts approximately 13 minutes.

Here you can listen to the scrolling version of the score on YouTube:

The score is edited by FUNDACIÓN JUAN MARCH (ISMN: 84-7075-361-4)

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