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The understanding between two musicians who share musical ideas must have surely been the driving force of this collaboration, which initially began as a game at the keyboard and ended up taking bigger dimensions. The Capriccio-Scherzo is, above all, a game which looks for complicities between historical musical memory and the author’s particular language, without renouncing anything right from the start. An intriguing beginning gives way to a central section, in which a Doric melody makes evident the certain weakness when confronted with a melodic field in opposed polytonality. Some more surprises, some more brushstrokes of great pianism and the final surprise… a climax, which is shared by two Catalan dances, which I used to dance in my youth. The piece is dedicated to Antoni Besses.

Here you can listen to the recording of the premiere of the composition with Antoni Besses on piano:

The score is edited by DINSIC Musical publications (ISMN: 979-0-69210-628-9)

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