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concerto for clarinet and orchestra

Llanas wrote the Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra for Salvador Vidal, clarinetist of Grupo Círculo and as requested by the firm Garijo-Mundimúsica. The premiere of this work was on June 11th, 1989 in Valladolid, performed by the symphonic orchestra of this city and it was later recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The composer dedicates this work to his father, also a clarinetist, although of a very different music style. The concerto is extensive and is divided into two movements. Many ideas are based on motifs that Llanas employed in Duetto, for clarinet and piano, a piece from 1988, which has now taken on a new dimension in the orchestra. In the first half, a short cell appears as a background ostinato through the movement, despite doing so with differing form. The second movement is a curious synthesis of very different techniques – a common formula in his work – in deliberate eclecticism. The opening of Ravelian character is followed by various themes, variations, canons and mirrors that, despite forming the backbone to the development in apparently uneven sections, are strongly united. The work is crowned by fugue, in an apparently Barroque style, but it is actually a perfect 12-tone series, with the superimposing of figures which are linked to the foregoing part of the movement. 

Here you can listen the end of the first movement:

Here you can listen the beginning of the 2nd movement:

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