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concert for guitar and strings

The year following the composition of his Concert for flute and instrumental ensemble, Llanas undertook a second concert with the guitar as the protagonist, or more specifically with the guitar of the excellent guitarist from Lleida, Carles Trepat, who had asked him for a concert. The opportunity came be when the Porta Ferrada Festival, in Sant Feliu de Guixols asked Llanas for a work of this nature to be premiered in its 1988 edition. On August 8 of that year, Trepat, accompanied by the Zagreb soloists premiered this new work. It was also presented three months later at The “Centro de Arte Reina Sofía” in Madrid during a concert honoring the painter Lucio Muñoz. The work is dedicated to Carme, the composer’s wife. Although the concerto is built in three movements with the classical Allegro-Lento-Allegro, there is not the slightest formal reference to the classical structure. Throughout the first movement – Memoria – strings and guitar evoke aesthetics which are well-known by everyone and etched into our memories, although in apparent, albeit controlled, disarray. The presence of the past appears, in a different way, in the second movement – Rerafons – where a string quartet evokes the expanded harmonies of a J.S. Bach chorale, which seem to stubbornly oppose the soloist and the rest of the strings. The last movement – Toccata – maintains a gentle dialogue, unloading the tension that characterized the previous movement.

Listen to the first movement Memoria:

Listen to the second movement Rerafons:

Listen to the third movement Toccata:

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