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concert FOR flute AND instrumental ENSEMBLE

Within the production of Albert Llanas, the concert production is significant, with works such as the Concert for guitar and strings, the Concert for clarinet and orchestra or this one. Composed throughout the summer of 1987, the work arises from the need to explore the expressive possibilities and interaction between soloist and “ripieno”, a characteristic procedure in this chamber form of the 18th century, although using a more modern language. It is, in some way, a personal tribute to Vivaldi’s production, despite not containing any reference elements and circumventing any kind of citation.

The work is articulated in four movements that run without interruption and develop the showy liveliness of the soloist. The electronic part is based on pre-recorded and conveniently in-lab modified flute material. This material was recorded by the author himself at the PHONOS Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music in Barcelona, where the final mix was made under the supervision of Andrés Lewin-Richter, to whom the author wants to convey his gratitude for their valuable collaboration. The premiere was by Grupo Instrumental Barcelona 216 in Barcelona, with soloist David Albet. It was also immediately presented at the Teatro Real in Madrid by Grupo Círculo, with Salvador Espasa, to whom the score is dedicated, as flute soloist.

Listen to the initial fragment of the composition:

Listen to the beginning of the 2nd movement:

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