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This score has a really curious story. Some years ago my friend and excellent singer Dolors Aldea, asked me to perform the figured bass of a certain number of songs from the book “Gesangbuch” (BWV 439-587) of Schemelli with the intention of being able to use them with her students in her singing lessons at the Professional Conservatory of Tarragona where we were then both teachers. A few years later I started to work in the composition of an “a capella” piece for vocal quartet soloist and choir and then I thought I could recover some of these harmonizations of J.S.Bach’s bass by making a rereading. The project interested me even if, for various reasons, the project did not materialize in its final form. In 1990 I had the opportunity to direct and work with the Barcelona “Harmonia” woodwind quintet formed by young musicians whom I knew personally since they had attended my classes at the conservatory, and quickly came up with the idea of writing a concert piece that had the woodwind quintet as the protagonist and so recovering the old unfinished project.

The four songs used are:

“Ich Halte removes still und liebe meinen Gott”

“O Jesulein Suss, O Jesualein Mild”

“Der lieben Sonne Licht und Pracht”

“Die goldne Sonne, voll Freud und Wonne”

These alternate in almost original form with their transformations and in the aforementioned order. The orchestra remains like this: Woodwind Quintet, Baroque string orchestra and timpani. The work is dedicated to the Quintet Harmonia.

Listen to an excerpt of the composition:

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