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context II

A piece for flute and electronics that tackles the always problematic but also thought-provoking juxtaposition of two mediums of different characteristics. The idea of the composition arises from the previous experience of Concierto para flauta y conjunto instrumental (1987), a piece which includes a prerecorded part which is made of material from the same instrument and modified in the studio.
In this case we draw from chords of up to eight voices and monodic sequences which are subsequently modified, combining everything with pure electronic sound. The flutist first tries to integrate himself in this context, then moves away from it later on and finally completely merges with it.

Both the recording and the development of the electronic part were carried out by the author at the Phonos facilities in Barcelona and the piece was premiered as part of the Festival Internacional de Orquestas de Jóvenes celebrated in Murcia from the 27th of March to the 2nd of April of 1988 with David Albet at the flute.

A live recording at a concert in Budapest on September 28, 2001, with Istvan Matuz as soloist has been included in the author’s monographic CD Reflections.

Listen to the composition in scrolling version of the score below:

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