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contexto V

Contexto V is the fifth piece with the generic name Contexto, in this case written for saxophone quartet. The work begins with a mysterious climate (Misterioso) with a dynamic that oscillates between ppp and mp, where the noise of the onsets and the keys are more perceptible than the own voice of the instrument. Without interruption comes the second part, Giusto, much more concise and generous in terms of global loudness. The third part, Dolente. Senza tempo, offers a constant dialogue between the different voices of the quartet through gestures of a great auditory effect. And in the final Meccanico we return to a linear texture that culminates in a climatic section made from the stubborn use of multiple stings. Written in 1992, it was premiered by the Quartet Orpheus in Aranjuez, and it is dedicated to 3+1 Quartet of Saxophones who first recorded this piece into CD.

listen to the first Misterioso movement on YouTube:

listen to the second movement Giusto on YouTube:

listen to the third movement Dolente. Senza tempo on YouTube:

listen to the fourth movement Meccanico on YouTube:

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