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contextO VI

This composition is part of the collection of pieces with the common name Contexto. Contexto VI for solo clarinet was written in 1993. It is a passionate and very expressive work that combines the conventional sound of the instrument with a remarkable variety of contemporary effects such as frullato, quarters of tone and wind sound. The piece is divided into three sections (A-B-A’). The first section shows the clarinet’s ability in terms of dynamics, register and articulation contrasts. The central section, a kind of slow motion, must be performed misterioso e calmo. The quarters of tone create a fascinating atmosphere with brief brushstrokes of section A. Llanas proves to be a very good connoisseur of clarinet and, as he himself confesses, was heavily influenced in this composition by other masterpieces of contemporary music for clarinet: Nielsen’s Clarinet Concerto and Franco Donatoni’s Clair, who was one of his main teachers.

Text by Josep Sancho

Audio and score on YouTube (version: Josep Ramón Sancho, clarinet):

Listen to Joan Pere Gil’s version on YouTube:

The score is edited by LA MÀ DE GUIDO (legal deposit: B-43.423-2001) and is dedicated to Joan Pere Gil.

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