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De Materia was premiered under the direction of José Luis Temes, at the Madrid National Auditorium on November 17, 1989. It came to be as the result of a commission from the National Orchestra of Spain. Composed between August to October of 1989, the piece does not allow us, according to its author, “to speak of programmatic music at any time”. Rather, he contends, “the work is framed around a textual axis”. This text is as follows:

Abyss and darkness

Nothing is. Eternal loneliness full of peace, unmoving cosmos…

LET IT BE DONE! And the furies of the Universe were unleashed…

of Divine Fire came matter

which manifested itself in the four elements:





…..With these arose life,

and also death, implacable return to the kingdom of darkness,

in the eternal Abyss.”

In the environment of brutal force recurring through the whole piece, only the moment of the expansion of life appears to rise up melodically, in contrast with an orchestration based on color and detailed textures.

It is important to underline the counterpoint rhythm between moments of orchestral expansion, where the orchestra is handled with extraordinary force, and much more subtle ones dominated by tiny melodic cells that are successively interpreted by different instrumental arrangements. To join all of these elements together is in no way an easy task, but Llanas achieves it thanks to a very clear formal sense and by way of the constant well-constructed textural changes. De Materia is dedicated to Rosa Maria Molleda and José Luis Temes


(excerpts from comments from hand programs signed by J.L. Temes and Albert Sardà)

Listen to the composition:

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