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This chamber music composition for clarinet and piano was written in 1988, before other more ambitious pieces like Quintet, Concerto for clarinet and orchestra and De Materia, a work for large orchestra. In fact, this is a preliminary study for the composition of that concerto piece with the clarinet as the lead. It was later recorded on CD by THE LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA with Salvador Vidal as the soloist. Duetto has a virtuoso character without sacrificing a certain lyricism. It is remarkable that the materials and ideas of Duetto are used in the second movement of the Concerto for clarinet and orchestra in friendly coexistence with others. The rhythmic and textural aspects become important but the most significant is the particular harmonic pattern based on the symmetry of the constituent intervals of the respective vertical aggregates. Awarded with the first prize in the III International Composition Contest of the Conservatorio de Las Palmas is dedicated to my sister Silvia.

Albert Llanas

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