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espaces impossibles

This is a composition for orchestra conceived from musical ideas that have accompanied the author throughout his most recent creative journey, especially relating to the idea of time and, of course, to our perception of it. Music is understood as a lab flask where the creator can experiment with these concepts that our perception masks and that only in the face of an effective and weighted presence of each of them the result can become interesting, moving and thrilling. This is when the flask is transmuted into a chalice, the magical container of this miracle that is, in short, art.

Time, or rather, the changing perception of the same thing that listeners experience in the face of any musical proposal, is the object and objective of this work. The materials I have worked on, as is often common in much of my work, are recurring in different pieces, although always worked differently. The entire work is supported by an invariable temporal pulsation that acts as a time signature (which would correspond to approximately fifteen metronomic units). This is not consciously perceptible given its long duration. This time will remain unchanged throughout the composition, even if its different rhythmic and melodic manifestations take us into other sound spaces that beat on it.

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