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Fedra Quartet

Percussion, understood as a family of instruments of different sounds has established itself – throughout the twentieth century – as a suggestive bet for composers and listeners, becoming one of the benchmarks of modern music.

I have always been closely linked to the world of percussion. My friendship with Xavier Joaquim, creator of Percussions de Barcelona, and the ability to closely follow his teachings has been an important reference. Furthermore, my creative sensibility has led me from the beginning of my career to consider the timbre, whether instrumental or electronic, as one of the elements that sustain the musical discourse.

I accepted the proposal of Percussions de Barcelona in view of a CD recording with much enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet the deadline originally agreed. However, fate provided me a chance to be included in the recording at the last minute, given that it was delayed. The result was the piece Fedra Quartet, a composition built mostly with indeterminate tune instruments where my main interest was timbre as the crucial element of discourse. The listener can observe as the entire first section develops non-percussive sounds on membranes with low sonority. Later, sounds become more percussive. Finally, the piece will return to the wide sounds with the only melodic lines that the author concedes.

Fedra Quartet is dedicated to Percussions de Barcelona. This was my last composition of the 20th century. It pays tribute to the wonderful instruments. Fedra Quartet was premiered on February 1st, 2001 at the Barcelona Auditorium by Percussions de Barcelona.

Listen to a fragment of this composition:

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