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Formants b

Formants B is a pure electroacoustic work of symphonic conception which explores, within the acoustic space, the set of sound densities obtained when subjecting sounds of homogeneous spectral density to various filters and types of processing. These sounds have mainly been obtained by additive synthesis procedures on the computer. The procedures of perceptive deceit or psychoacoustic illusions are proposed in these directional processes in pitch and musical gestures that seem to have no end. However, as proved by Shepard and Risset, these procedures present a circularity which is extremely attractive as well as disconcerting.

The result obtained is the only complex sonority that breathes and wanders all through the 10 minutes piece, subjecting the listener to a suggestive journey through his own inner audition. Whatever the case, this work should never be associated with any sort of minimalist proposal although, certainly, the listener’s audition has some similar features.

The software used has been basically IRCAM technology although some Csound tools have occasionally been used, as well as some of my own recent developments about MAX/MSP.

Listen to the composition here:

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