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impressions FOR VOICE AND STRING quartet

“Honesty and fidelity.

Two concepts that make up the essence of “Impressions for voice and string quartet”. The work, based entirely on Joan Maragall’s poetic texts Vistes al mar (Views of the sea) is, above all, a display of respect and admiration for the great poet and, secondly, the sound expression of its poetic atmosphere from my own personal vision.

Maragall’s text, of evident romanticism, describes the different moods of the poet in relation to the various moments in which he has been dazzled by the attractive force that the sea undoubtedly exerts on him.

The task of the composer has been to elaborate a sound “ethos” that reflected this poetic illumination without this implying that it is tied to a certain aesthetic or vulgar descriptivism. Hence the apparent diversity of language, which isn’t really the most important. In fact, it is the content of the message, and this one finds its unity in itself given that it is one and only one.

Music is not at the service of the text, and not subordinate to it, but rather at the service of the exteriorization of the poet’s inner world through the composer’s sensibility.

Fidelity and honesty.”

This text, which was taken from the printed program distributed at its premiere at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid, shows the composer’s attitude when musicalizing these poems.

The composition, which lasts close to half an hour, consists of eight poems grouped into two blocks of four, separated by an interlude by the quartet without the voice. Although it is a work from the author’s youth, it already shows certain elements that will be part of the later style of the author although there is a very strong influence of post-romanticist music and of the writing of the atonal period of the early 20th century in particular.

You can listen and follow along to the scrolling version of the score on YouTube:

The score is edited by FUNDACIÓN JUAN MARCH (ISMN: 84-7075-319-3)

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