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necesidad y azar

Toute pensée émet un coup de dés

-Stéphane Mallarmé-

and later…

No thought will ever abolish Randomness

-J.D. García Bacca-

In my opinion, the creative side of compositional matters is a great mystery. Perhaps the most important thing is no longer the sound itself – perhaps it has never been? However, many composers have beaten the topic to death while forgetting other dimensions of a psychological, psychoacoustic and emotional nature that, after all, are truly essential. Following the reading of Juan David García Bacca’s complex book and his intelligent reflections on the concepts of need and chance, the idea came up of experimenting musically on the interaction between these two initially antagonistic concepts in relation to the hidden mechanisms of musical thought. The work is a reflection on the intangibility and indeterminism of the compositional will. It is written off of an atypical template (flute, bass clarinet, trumpet and double bass) and consists of three sections that alternate the strongest ultra-determinism with the most uncontrollable chance…

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