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pezzo for insieme strumentale

The composition Pezzo per Insieme Strumentale was written in 1985, during the months of July and August in Italy. Its first performance took place in Siena at the hands of the group OCTANDRE of Bolonia in late August 1985.

The instrumental ensemble used is as follows: two woods (flute and clarinet), string trio (violin, viola and cello), soprano, trumpet, two percussionists and piano. These instruments are strategically distributed on stage depending on the desired textures.

This procedure seeks a closer relationship between space and timbre areas, an aspect that allows the author to speculate with the timbre and directionality of sound.

The vocal part provides an important phonetic content, avoiding the traditional use of the text. Consequently, this allows the treatment of the vocals as another instrument based on its timbre and expressive characteristics.

Here you can hear a snippet of the composition:

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