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Inspiration versus laboratory

REVISTA MUSICAL CATALANA No. 30 (April-1987); pages 23 to 25 (Catalan language)

John Cage or Lucid Provocation

REVISTA MUSICAL CATALANA No. 100 (February-1993); pages 6 to 9. (Catalan language)

Jep Nuix. Analytical approach to his work

CODEXXI MAGAZINE No. 2 (December-2000). (Catalan language)


Analysis of Two Soliloquies and Biophony by Joaquim Homs

ED. PROA – GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA. Barcelona, 1996 .(Catalan language)


Acoustics, Computer Science and Music Technology

Curriculum. Musical education of intermediate degree.I (pages 181 to 206). Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament d’ensenyament. (Catalan language)

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