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This is an eclectic composition, divided up in sections based on combinations of the numbers 8, 6, 1 and 11 – chosen randomly – which generate the musical discourse. Piano and percussion participate in these sections in a jazz fashion, and the whole part offers and interesting contrast with de general sonority and harmony of the composition. The percussion section requires a great deal of different instruments and plays an important part in bringing an additional timbrical variety to the quintet. The first section has a changeless parallel rhythm for all five instruments and forms a contrast with the gradual integrations of accidental elements in some of the central sections, such as rings, graphics, indeterminate sounds, etc…

Quintet was written between February and March of 1988 and is dedicated to the group Barcelona 216, who first performed it in June of the same year in Burdeaux (France.) The piece was also performed later in London, Barcelona, Berlin, San Sebastian and Madrid.

Here you can listen to the scrolling version:

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