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The creative act sometimes involves interruptions in time that make certain projects materialize over a long period of time. This is the case of Spazio-Tempo per dodici esecutori since the idea and the first sketches of this composition date back to 1986 while the final version is dated March 8, 1991. Its creation, therefore, spans a period of almost 5 years; a period that is very important in the evolution of the author’s work.

The composition takes concepts of space and time as its starting point, both fundamental elements in the music of all periods. The approach, however, is not conventional: if music is above all an essence of time, it also requires to manifest itself sensibly to materialize in a spatial way.

The ideological sources are diverse, but two must be highlighted: the personal conclusions about a lecture by Tomás Marco, titled “Tiempo y espacio en la composición” (II Semana Internacional de Musica Contemporanes. Barcelona, 26 February 1988), and the reading of the text “Filosofia de la musica” by the philosopher Juan David García Bacca.

In the practical field, composition must be understood as a quartet. There are four instrumental groups that must be placed at the four angles of the room surrounding the audience or, if on a stage, the sound should be played through a quadraphonic system of speakers placed at each angle. In this way, listeners are enveloped so that they remain immersed within the sound space.

There is an invariable temporal pulse that corresponds to the time signature (approximately 15 metronomic units) and that, due to its long duration, it is not noticeable in a conscious way. This tempo will remain subjective and veiled until the end of the work even if it is manifested internally (spatially) with different rhythmic and melodic modules.

The work was premiered on the occasion of a concert commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Conservatori Professional de Badalona on May 22, 1991 under the direction of José Luis Temes, and later recorded on CD (GASA 9G0433).

Here you can listen to a snippet of the composition:

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