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sun reflections

Sun Reflections was the author’s first work in the field of sound processing in real time. Working with the MAX-MSP software, this piece is conceived as a dialogue of action-reaction between an acoustic instrument and a computer program. In this first version which can be considered 1.0, Josep Sancho’s clarinet was the chosen instrument. From the start of the electroacoustic part, an understanding of the flat and immersive sound imposes itself and continues until the end of the piece. The duration of the composition (over 15 minutes) depends on the performer who is the one that, at all times, proposes new sound actions and interacts with the computer. Therefore, it must be understood that every performance is different. Even though they are all very similar, each new performance will introduce details which will differ given the attitude and tempo of the player as well as the response from the computer.
The composition was premiered in the XIX Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea de Alicante as a commission from LIEM-CDMC on the 3rd of October of 2003. The performers were Josep Sancho at the clarinet, to whom it is dedicated, and its author at the computer.

A new version with Josep Sancho appears in the monographic CD Reflections.

You can listen to the live version of its premiere at the Alicante Casino here:

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