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DEDINS, DEFORA monologue with music for Actress, Ensemble Instrumental, Voices in off and Electroacoustics (1997), 40′

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano and ROLAND XP-80, Percussion, Veus in off recorded in PHONOS-IUA and Electroacoustic.
Electroacoustic elaboration made in PHONOS-IUA and the AAIT of the Municipal Superior Conservatory of Barcelona
First performance: Barcelona, 15-7- 1.997
Work commissioned by the Barcelona Summer Festival GREC-97
Grup Instrumental Barcelona 216, cond: Ernest Martínez Izquierdo
Texts by Lluïsa Cunillé
Rosa Cadafalch, actress
Alberto Bokos, stage direction

NEXUS for Actress, Prepared piano and Electroacoustics (1999), 15′

Actress, Prepared Piano, Electroacoustics
First performance: Barcelona, 19-5- 1999
Laura Díez del Corral, Gonzalo Manzanares, Adolfo Nuñez

THE MEETING soundtrack for the play of the same name by Luïsa Cunillé (1999), 1h. 30′

First performance: Barcelona, 29-6-99 (Grec-99 Festival)

Theatrical show with text by Lluïsa Cunillé that was presented in the summer of 1999 at the Grec Festival in Barcelona and at the Edinburgh Festival under the stage direction of Xavier Albertí.

MAS EXTRAÑO QUE EL PARAISO soundtrack for the play of the same name by Xavier Albertí (2001), 1h. 20′

Electroacoustics and sever
First performance: Barcelona, 16-7-2001 (Grec Festival-2001)

Theatrical show with playwright and stage direction by Xavier Albertí. On texts by Jaime Gil de Biedma and Lluïsa Cunillé Albertí, he continues an intimate and emotional theatrical journey in search of the lost paradises set in the Philippines and Barcelona of the time.


Soundtrack and musical composition for the montage of Alberto Miralles' work at the Sala Muntaner in Barcelona with stage direction by Ricard Salvat. (2001)

TROILUS AND CRÈSSIDA soundtrack for the play of the same name by Xavier Albertí (2003), 1h.

Electroacoustics, arrangements on G. Mahler’s music.
First performance: Barcelona, 29-6-2003 (Grec Festival-2003)

Soundtrack for the theatrical performance of Shakespeare’s play with a stage direction by Xavier Albertí. It was presented at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.

I WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH Soundtrack for the monologue starring Lluís Homar with dramaturgy by Lluïsa Cunillé and stage direction by Xavier Albertí, presented at the Teatre Lluire in 2003 Cunillé (2006), 1:30 h.

Electroacoustics, vocal transformations
First performance: Girona, Temporada Alta Festival

SANGRE LUNAR soundtrack for the play of the same name by José Sanchís Sinisterra (2006), 1h.

Musical montage for the production of the Teatro Maria Guerrero in Madrid of the work of José Sanchís Sinisterra with a stage direction by Xavier Albertí. The soundtrack incorporates original music and arrangements on music by Richard Straussmusic.

First performance: Madrid, 16-03-2006 (Teatro María Guerrero – CDN)

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LLUVIA EN EL RAVAL soundtrack for the play of the same name by Pau Miró (2006), 1:30 h.

First performance: Madrid, Festival de Otoño de la Comunidad de Madrid 2006

Musical montage for pau Miró’s theatre show with stage direction by Mario Vedoya, presented in Madrid and Buenos Aires.

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THE FALL OF AMLETH soundtrack for the play of the same name by Jordi Oriol (2007-2008) 1:10 h.

First performance: Salt (Girona), Temporada Alta Festival

Soundtrack for jordi Oriol's theatrical show with a stage direction by Xavier Albertí.

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