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The interaction work between two such different instruments in acoustics and style as the oboe and the piano are, has inspired me to create an endless number of possibilities and contrasts, often extreme, that I have used as pretext to elaborate a extremely theatrical musical dialogue with both instruments.
Fauno is a fictitious character, capricious and easily irritable, but also extremely naughty. Fauno can change suddenly and adopt a submissive attitude and open to dialogue or capable of deep tenderness. This is how Fauno shows himself in the first piece Fauno offesso and after not being content in the company of the piano, he decides to go on an imaginary trip to the solitary planet Mars: Fauno in Mars. In this second piece, Fauno feels at ease. He plays on the eroded surface of the old and red planet, accomplishes real acrobatics. However, he remembers with nostalgia (in the tropi) all the things that he has relinquished in this exile and those he misses even if they often used to annoy him. Finally, Fauno decides to return to the human world, convinced of the fact that he should not to change at all, and that he should follow his path however the composer has decided it… for better or for worse. This third piece is I Diavolerie di Fauno.

Oh, by the way:  Fauno is the oboe.

The score was edited by LA MA DE GUIDO (LEGAL DEPOSIT: B-30.928-2006) and is dedicated to Cayetano Castaño.

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