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According to Greek mythology, the goddess Týche was that of the fate of both the individual and a community, governing the fate of all mortals and she did so in a random way with the help of the god Pluto. She was frequently represented playing with a ball, as a symbol of the unpredictability of her decisions.

For years, this last aspect has been interesting for me and it has strongly conditioned my compositional work, since Necesidad y azar (1989) composed on the homonymous text of the philosopher J.D. García Bacca, which was my first work clearly oriented in that direction. It is about juxtaposing in the same compositional thought: ultra-deterministic techniques of certain trends in contemporary music with randomness.

In this sense, Týche is a compositional exercise that puts these two antagonistic thoughts against eachother on the pretext that both are able to be integrated in a friendly way in the same work, forcing the writing in terms of structure, linearity and detail.

In addition, the timbre density understood as an extension of a sound space that flows continuously rotating on itself is remarkable in this work.

Týche is composed in memory of Pierre Boulez.

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