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In, out (dedins, defora)

Dedins, defora is the result of a collaborative effort between the playwright Lluisa Cunillé and the composer Albert Llanas. It was presented at the Grec 1997 Barcelona Summer Festival.

The piece is divided into three parts which are played without interruption between them. These are: L’ull (the eye), la mà (the hand), and la frontera (the border). Each one of the parts of this piece describe a situation that has to do with existential loneliness, the helplessness we feel when faced with a painful scene, and the limits of memory. The protagonist is a woman who explores three different situations.

The goal of both coauthors Cunillé and Llanas is the fusion of the theatrical and musical languages within an agreed on structure in which both elements coexist in harmony. This is so that the musicians are in the scene the entire time, and even interact with the protagonist.

The elements utilized are an actress, Rosa Cadafalch, an instrumental group, voice transformations, electroacoustic music and scenography.

This work was presented by Albert Llanas as the final project for his Creation and Technology of Sound Masters at Phonos – IUA (Pompeu Fabra University)

final project (in catalan)

final project (in spanish)

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